The Best Gardening Channels On YouTube For Inspiration

Looking to cultivate your green thumb and find inspiration for your gardening endeavors? Look no further than YouTube, where a plethora of gardening channels await to guide and inspire you. From tips on plant care and DIY gardening projects to stunning garden tours and expert advice, these channels have it all. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, these YouTube channels will provide you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to create and maintain your own beautiful garden. Get ready to dig in and watch your gardening dreams come to life!

The Best Gardening Channels On YouTube For Inspiration

1. Monty Don

– Overview

If you’re looking for gardening inspiration on YouTube, one of the must-watch channels is Monty Don. Monty Don is a renowned British horticulturist and the presenter of the popular BBC gardening show “Gardeners’ World.” His YouTube channel offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise on gardening, with a focus on organic and sustainable practices.

– Popular videos

Monty Don’s videos cover a wide range of topics, from growing vegetables and flowers to creating stunning garden designs. One of his most popular videos is “How to Prune Roses,” where he shares valuable tips on cultivating beautiful and healthy rose plants. Another fan-favorite is “Garden Transformation,” where he provides step-by-step guidance on turning a neglected outdoor space into a vibrant and inviting garden.

– Gardening tips and advice

Monty Don’s channel is a treasure trove of gardening tips and advice. Whether you’re a novice gardener or an experienced green thumb, you’ll find valuable insights to improve your gardening skills. From choosing the right plants for your region to combating common garden pests, Monty Don’s videos cover a wide range of topics that will help you achieve success in your own garden.

– Garden tours

One of the highlights of Monty Don’s channel is his garden tours. Monty’s own garden, Longmeadow, is a breathtaking masterpiece that serves as a constant source of inspiration for viewers. Through his garden tours, Monty Don invites you to explore the different areas of his garden, showcasing the beautiful plants and design elements that make it a true paradise for nature lovers.

– Planting and cultivation

Monty Don’s love for plants is evident throughout his videos, and he shares his extensive knowledge on planting and cultivation. From sowing seeds to choosing the right soil, Monty Don provides practical advice on how to nurture your plants and ensure their healthy growth. Whether you’re interested in growing vegetables, flowers, or herbs, Monty Don’s channel offers invaluable guidance for successful planting and cultivation.

2. Garden Answer

– Overview

Garden Answer is a YouTube channel run by the talented and passionate gardener, Laura. With her enthusiasm and expertise, Laura has created a community of garden lovers who seek inspiration and practical tips for their own gardening endeavors.

– Popular videos

Garden Answer’s videos are highly popular, thanks to Laura’s engaging personality and her knack for creating visually stunning spaces. One of her most-watched videos is “How to Create a Flower Bed,” where she guides viewers through the process of designing and planting a beautiful flower bed. Another fan-favorite is “DIY Succulent Centerpiece,” where she demonstrates how to create a stunning centerpiece using succulent plants.

– How-to tutorials

Garden Answer is known for its how-to tutorials, where Laura shares step-by-step instructions on various gardening projects. Whether you’re interested in building a raised bed, creating a vertical garden, or installing a drip irrigation system, Laura’s tutorials provide the guidance you need to bring your ideas to life.

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– Garden tours

Just like Monty Don, Garden Answer also offers garden tours that showcase Laura’s own garden and other beautiful landscapes that serve as a source of inspiration. Through these tours, viewers can explore different garden styles and gain ideas for their own outdoor spaces.

– Container gardening

One aspect that sets Garden Answer apart is Laura’s expertise in container gardening. She shares creative ideas for designing and planting containers, whether it’s colorful summer annuals, bountiful vegetable gardens, or elegant succulent arrangements. If you have limited space or simply enjoy the art of container gardening, Garden Answer is the channel to follow.

3. Epic Gardening

– Overview

Epic Gardening, hosted by Kevin Espiritu, is a YouTube channel dedicated to urban gardening. If you’re passionate about growing your own food, even in a small urban space, this channel is a fantastic resource.

– Popular videos

Kevin’s videos cover a wide range of topics related to urban gardening, but one of his most popular videos is “How to Start a Vegetable Garden from Scratch.” In this video, he breaks down the process of creating a productive garden in limited space, providing valuable insights for beginners. Another highly popular video is “Vertical Gardening Ideas,” where Kevin offers innovative solutions for maximizing vertical space.

– Urban gardening tips

Epic Gardening’s main focus is providing tips and advice for successful urban gardening. Kevin shares his expertise on topics such as balcony gardening, hydroponics, container gardening, and small-space solutions. Whether you have a tiny patio or a rooftop terrace, Epic Gardening has the knowledge to help you create a productive and beautiful urban garden.

– Plant care guides

Kevin’s channel also offers plant care guides, helping viewers understand the needs and requirements of different plants. From herbs and vegetables to ornamental flowers, Kevin provides insights on proper watering, soil conditions, and sunlight requirements to ensure healthy growth and abundant harvests.

– Seed starting and propagation

For those interested in starting plants from seeds or propagating their own cuttings, Epic Gardening has you covered. Kevin’s videos on seed starting and propagation techniques provide detailed instructions and tips for success. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener looking to expand your plant collection or a beginner hoping to save money by growing from seeds, Epic Gardening will guide you every step of the way.

4. Charles Dowding

– Overview

Charles Dowding is a highly respected figure in the world of gardening, especially when it comes to no-dig gardening techniques. His YouTube channel showcases his expertise in organic, sustainable, and low-maintenance gardening methods.

– Popular videos

One of Charles Dowding’s most popular videos is “No-Dig Gardening Explained,” where he introduces the concept and benefits of this innovative technique. Another widely watched video is “How to Grow Vegetables in Winter,” which demonstrates the possibilities of year-round vegetable gardening using his no-dig approach.

– No-dig gardening techniques

As the pioneer of no-dig gardening, Charles Dowding’s channel is a treasure trove of information on this revolutionary technique. He explains how it works, why it is beneficial for soil health, and how it leads to higher yields. If you’re looking to minimize garden maintenance while still enjoying a productive and thriving garden, Charles Dowding’s no-dig gardening techniques are worth exploring.

– Vegetable gardening tips

Charles Dowding is a master when it comes to growing vegetables, and his channel offers a plethora of tips and advice for successful vegetable gardening. From choosing the right varieties to understanding plant spacing and rotation, Charles shares his expertise to help you grow a bountiful harvest.

– Compost making

Compost is the foundation of any healthy garden, and Charles Dowding’s channel emphasizes the importance of composting. He explains different techniques for making compost, whether it’s traditional compost bins or more innovative methods like hot composting. With Charles’s guidance, you can turn kitchen scraps and garden waste into rich, nutrient-dense compost that will nourish your plants.

The Best Gardening Channels On YouTube For Inspiration

5. James Prigioni

– Overview

James Prigioni is a landscape designer and YouTube personality known for his creative design ideas and abundant knowledge of plant varieties. His channel is a go-to resource for those seeking inspiration in garden design and maintenance.

– Popular videos

One of the most-watched videos on James Prigioni’s channel is “Designing a Small Garden Space,” where he showcases how to make the most of limited outdoor areas with clever design techniques. Another highly popular video is “Colorful Flower Garden Ideas,” which features stunning flower combinations and tips for achieving vibrant and harmonious flower displays.

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– Landscape design ideas

James Prigioni’s passion for landscape design shines through his videos, where he shares innovative ideas for transforming outdoor spaces. Whether you’re looking to create a cozy backyard retreat, a modern and minimalist garden, or a lush, tropical paradise, James offers guidance on design principles, plant selection, and implementing the right hardscape elements to achieve your desired look.

– Flower gardening tips

Flower enthusiasts will find a wealth of information on James Prigioni’s channel regarding the care and maintenance of various flower varieties. He provides tips on choosing the right flowers for different seasons, soil preparation, and ongoing flower care to ensure stunning displays throughout the year. Whether you’re new to flower gardening or a seasoned enthusiast, James’s insights will enhance your floral creations.

– Garden maintenance

Maintaining a beautiful garden requires ongoing care, and James Prigioni addresses this aspect in his videos. He covers topics such as pruning, watering, fertilizing, and pest control strategies to help you keep your garden in optimal condition. With James’s advice, you’ll have the knowledge to tackle common garden maintenance tasks and ensure your landscape looks its best year-round.

6. Kelly Lehman

– Overview

Kelly Lehman’s YouTube channel is a haven for succulent enthusiasts and indoor gardeners. With her passion for plants and creativity, Kelly shares practical tips and inspiring ideas for caring and arranging plants.

– Popular videos

One of Kelly Lehman’s most popular videos is “Succulent Care Guide for Beginners,” where she breaks down the essentials of succulent care, including watering, lighting, and propagating. Another fan-favorite is “Indoor Plant Tour,” where she showcases her own stunning collection of indoor plants and offers insights on how to create beautiful indoor gardens.

– Succulent care guides

Succulents have captured the hearts of many, and Kelly Lehman’s channel provides comprehensive care guides for these unique and resilient plants. Whether you’re a beginner looking for tips on selecting the right succulents or an experienced grower seeking advice on propagation techniques, Kelly’s videos offer valuable information to help you succeed in succulent care.

– Indoor gardening tips

In addition to succulents, Kelly Lehman’s channel also covers a broad range of indoor gardening topics. From low-light plants to humidity-loving tropicals, she provides guidance on choosing and caring for various indoor plant species. Whether you’re working with limited space or want to create an indoor oasis, Kelly’s tips and ideas will inspire you to bring the beauty of nature indoors.

– Creative plant arrangements

Kelly Lehman’s channel is a wellspring of inspiration for creating captivating plant arrangements. From terrariums and hanging baskets to fairy gardens and vertical gardens, she showcases innovative and aesthetically pleasing ways to display and arrange plants. Whether you have a green thumb or are just starting to explore the world of indoor gardening, Kelly’s ideas will help you create beautiful and visually striking plant arrangements.

7. Huw Richards

– Overview

For beginner gardeners or those looking for practical gardening advice on a budget, Huw Richards’ YouTube channel is a must-watch. Huw’s passion for gardening is infectious, and his down-to-earth approach makes gardening accessible to everyone.

– Popular videos

One of Huw Richards’ most popular videos is “How to Grow Perfect Tomatoes,” where he shares his tips for achieving abundant and flavorful tomato crops. Another highly watched video is “Creating a Vegetable Garden on a Budget,” where Huw provides valuable insights for setting up a productive garden without breaking the bank.

– How-to guides for beginner gardeners

Huw’s channel is primarily focused on helping beginner gardeners develop the skills and knowledge needed for successful gardening. He offers comprehensive how-to guides on topics such as soil preparation, seed starting, transplanting, and pest control. With Huw’s guidance, even the most inexperienced gardener can start growing their own fresh and healthy food.

– Vegetable growing tips

Vegetable gardening is a major focus of Huw Richards’ channel, and he shares his expertise on a wide range of crops. From popular vegetables like lettuce and cucumbers to more unusual options like kale and kohlrabi, Huw provides tips on planting, growing, and harvesting a successful vegetable garden.

– Creating low-cost raised beds

Huw Richards understands that not everyone has a large garden or the funds for expensive gardening equipment. That’s why his channel emphasizes low-cost gardening solutions, particularly creating raised beds. Huw showcases different materials and methods for constructing raised beds on a budget, ensuring that anyone can enjoy the benefits of this productive gardening technique.

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8. Garden Answer (different channel)

– Overview

Another channel also named “Garden Answer,” hosted by Laura’s husband, Aaron, offers a different perspective on gardening. Aaron focuses on garden projects, seasonal ideas, and DIY garden decor, making it a delightful channel for creative gardeners.

– Popular videos

One of Aaron’s most popular videos is “DIY Garden Fountain,” where he demonstrates how to create a stunning water feature for your garden using simple materials. Another fan-favorite video is “Hanging Basket Moss Ball,” featuring a unique and visually appealing method of creating hanging baskets with moss balls.

– Garden project tutorials

Aaron’s channel specializes in garden projects that add a touch of creativity and personality to your outdoor space. From building raised garden beds and installing outdoor lighting to constructing pergolas and creating garden paths, his tutorials provide the inspiration and guidance needed to transform your garden into a personal oasis.

– Seasonal gardening ideas

Garden Answer’s seasonal gardening ideas are always a hit among viewers. Aaron shares tips and suggestions for gardening activities and projects specific to each season. Whether it’s planting colorful spring bulbs, creating festive fall displays, or preserving harvests in the winter, Garden Answer has you covered with seasonally appropriate ideas to keep your garden vibrant year-round.

– DIY garden decor

If you enjoy adding unique and personalized touches to your garden, Aaron’s DIY garden decor projects will inspire you. From repurposing old items into whimsical planters to crafting eye-catching garden ornaments, his creative ideas will elevate the aesthetics of your outdoor space while showcasing your individual style.

9. You Bet Your Garden

– Overview

Hosted by Mike McGrath, “You Bet Your Garden” is a YouTube channel dedicated to organic gardening techniques. With a focus on environmentally friendly practices, Mike offers valuable insights on cultivating a healthy and resilient garden without the use of harmful chemicals.

– Popular videos

One of Mike’s most popular videos is “Natural Pest Control Remedies,” where he provides organic solutions to common garden pests, helping viewers maintain a healthy garden without resorting to toxic chemicals. Another widely watched video is “Weed Control Without Herbicides,” which offers natural methods to manage weeds in an eco-friendly manner.

– Organic gardening tips

“You Bet Your Garden” is a hub of organic gardening tips, with Mike McGrath sharing his vast knowledge on topics such as soil health, companion planting, and managing plant diseases organically. Whether you’re concerned about avoiding synthetic pesticides or simply want to adopt a more sustainable approach to gardening, Mike’s tips will guide you toward an organic and environmentally conscious garden.

– Pest and disease control

Maintaining a garden free from pests and diseases can be a challenge, but Mike McGrath covers various organic methods for preventing and managing these issues. Whether it’s dealing with aphids, fungal infections, or invasive plant species, Mike’s strategies prioritize the health of your plants and the environment.

– Natural weed management

Weeds are a common problem in any garden, but Mike McGrath’s channel offers natural and effective techniques for weed management. By avoiding synthetic herbicides, you can maintain a healthy soil ecosystem while keeping weeds at bay. Mike’s tips on mulching, hand weeding, and soil cultivation will help you control weeds in an environmentally friendly manner.

10. AlboPepper

– Overview

AlboPepper, hosted by Rob, focuses on hydroponic gardening, indoor plant care, and making the most of small spaces. If you’re interested in growing plants without soil or need advice on caring for indoor plants, this channel is an exceptional resource.

– Popular videos

One of Rob’s most popular videos is “DIY Hydroponics for Beginners,” where he breaks down the basics of hydroponic gardening and demonstrates how to set up a simple system. Another widely loved video is “Reviving a Dying Houseplant,” where he provides practical tips for rescuing indoor plants and bringing them back to life.

– Hydroponic gardening

AlboPepper’s channel offers a comprehensive guide to hydroponic gardening, a method that enables plants to grow in water-based, nutrient-rich solutions. Rob covers different hydroponic systems, nutrient formulations, and plant selection, making it easier for both beginners and experienced gardeners to succeed in this innovative and efficient technique.

– Indoor plant care

Caring for indoor plants requires a different set of skills and knowledge compared to outdoor gardening, and AlboPepper is here to help. Rob covers topics such as light requirements, watering techniques, and addressing common indoor plant problems. Whether you have a small collection of houseplants or a jungle-like indoor oasis, Rob’s tips will ensure your plants thrive indoors.

– Balcony and small-space gardening

For those with limited space to garden, AlboPepper’s channel offers valuable insights on maximizing productivity in small spaces. Rob shares creative ideas for vertical gardening, container gardening, and utilizing balconies and small patios. Whether you live in an apartment or have a small backyard, his tips will help you create lush and productive gardens in compact areas.

In conclusion, the YouTube gardening community offers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for all types of gardeners. Whether you’re interested in organic gardening, landscape design, indoor plants, or small-space gardening, these ten channels provide valuable insights, tips, and ideas to help you achieve success in your gardening endeavors. So grab your gardening gloves, tune into these channels, and let the friendly hosts guide you on your journey to a beautiful and thriving garden.